ClassDojo Tool Kit

Today ClassDojo launched a new set of in-app features called the Tool Kit. The tool kit is multiple features that are designed to make your classroom run smoother The features can be controlled from your phone and displayed from your computer screen through DojoCast. Below are the screenshots from the updated app and the different tools in the tool kit.

Happy Dojo’ing!

I am very pleased with the new features to the app and it makes it so much more meaty than assigning points and updating our Class Story which I love doing btw. I feel like this Tool Kit allows teachers to really make a more meaningful use of their time when they pick up a cell phone in the classroom.

Let’s start the discussion. What features are you most excited for in the Tool Kit? Any tools you feel should be added to make this the ultimate app.



Author: Shawn Reed

I am a 2nd grade teacher who has a passion for sharing amazing advances in education through technology, innovation, pedagogy, and design/growth mindset thinking.

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