– A spelling practice website

Screenshot 2017-08-07 at 8.30.31 PMThis week’s new edtech tool is a website called Rocket Spelling. Rocket Spelling was designed to provide K-5 students with a different way to practice their spelling words in a digital format. I found this site on r/edtech on Reddit and was enticed by the concept of digital spelling practice.

Rocket Spelling provides digital practice of over 1200 words in a variety of vowel patterns including short and long vowel. The student’s game play involves practice of a specific skill with multiple choices given looking for the student to choose the best one. One feature that I really like is that the audio read aloud of the word which also includes the word in the sentence. This will be especially helpful for my ELL students in their literacy rotation blocks. The lessons are self guided and provide repeated feedback for words that students spell or choose incorrectly.

Rocket Spelling is currently providing a free one year trial for 2017-2018 school year for teachers who sign up on and use the promo code “rocketlaunch”. The benefits of an upgraded account will allow you to create a class of students with individual usernames and passwords in order to monitor individual student usage, progress, and trackable data to guide future small group or individual instruction. Rocket Spelling will allow you to differentiate spelling practice for students at different ELA levels.    Rocket Spelling also maintains student’s interest through their excellent graphics,  points, awards and badges system which provides incentives within the game play.

I am personally going to use it as a part of our ELA rotational blocks for students who want to work on their spelling or phonics skills rather than a worksheet or word sort. Also this site can be given out to students to use at home for “homework” practice.

Once again you can sign up for a free one year trial at and use the promo code “rocketlaunch”.

Screenshot 2017-08-07 at 8.30.36 PM

I think it has lots of potential in the classroom as well as at home use. How are you going to use it in your classroom? Do you have any ideas to improve engagement and mastery while using the site? Comment below.