Text Keyboard Shortcuts on Twitter and Social Media

If you have ever participated in a twitter chat like #gafe4littles#edchat or #2ndchat you know how much of an exhilarating PD experience it is. Yet, participating in a Twitter chat requires you to use the specific hashtags. In an hour long learning marathon, typing your answers, replying to others and always using the hashtag can get exhausting and make you miss valuable tweets in the chat. There once was an engineer who worked at Palm Pilot who whose job it was to figure out how do any task in just three clicks. His job was literally to find a better way to do things on the device. That’s always been my inspiration. There has to be a better way.

One of my favorite mobile Twitter hacks when participating on twitter is using the text replacement feature on my iPhone. I can assign a shortcut of sequenced characters to be replaced by a longer phrase or hashtag. I use the sequence “##” which is replaced with a tap of the space bar to become #gafe4littles. This is particularly convenient in the Twitter keyboard because the # symbol is located in the corner.

For iPhone:

Setting-General-Keyboard-Text Replacement

Set the Shortcut and the phrase

For Android- Setting- Language and Input-Personal Dictionary- + symbol to set up a shortcut.

I hope this saves you some time and makes Twitter chats a lot more enjoyable. How do you user text replacement shortcuts? What shortcuts do you have on your phone. Comment below what shortcuts you like to use on Twitter or Social Media on your phone. Is there any way to create shortcuts on PC or Chromebook.